Tuesday, 20 February 2007

influenza aviaria? no grazie!

ricevo dal mio datore di lavoro e volentieri pubblico :
there is no reason to fear or to disrupt the normal life. Come to work, and work some more, because the company loves you and you are the most important assets of the company. as you might have seen in the media, the B&M turkey FACTORY has only shut long enough to get some big trucks going back and forth , and some people in white overalls spray some water blessed by the pope to get rid of this unholy virus. but the FACTORY has resumed production IMMEDIATELY, despite the fact that the virus cannot possibly be eradicated completely, especially not in a place where the density is way behind control. so as you can see, there is no reason to fear or change our life styles. we won't let this muslim terrorist scare us , we will keep going everyday to work, you by tube, us by merc, business as usual. a couple of stinking farts won't stop us, we are better than that. etc.. etc..

ok, no , non e' vero, ma se qualcuno mi vuole ingaggiare per scrivere questo genere di cazzate, don't hesitate..

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