Thursday, 26 July 2007

my trip to work today / my commute to work today..

7.49 leave home walk to south quay
board train to bank
train stops at limehouse for 10mins for technical "difficulties" of another train at shadwell
at bank walk to northern line: climb 2 flight of stairs, the second quite a long one, and be rewarded by the warm, stale, smelly , oxygen-lacking air of the northern line northbound platform at Bank;
wait 10 mins until a voice announces that due to a person taken hill on a tain at Borough, there is "currently" no northbound Northern line service. At the second repeat of the announcement, I take the escalators to the Circle and district.
From last flight of stairs see the Circle line train take off.
Wait 15 mins until finally a voice (the same of the northern line) announces that due to an early faulty signal in the ???? area , there is no Circle line service at the moment.
Leave the Monument station , walk to Gracechurch street check for bus, only bus is nr. 40, godonlyknows where it goes (I think they have swapped the directions of the 40 northbound with the ones of the 40 southbound).
Walk to King Edward street to first bus stop (more or less Lombard street - where my old office used to be), and hop on 21. Wait in traffic and slowly get to Finsbury Pavement.
Walk to xxxxx lane.
Arrive at 09.00.


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