Thursday, 13 September 2007

forse potrei essere un comico?

cosi' m'e' venuta questa cosa qui da mandare in ufficio ai miei colleghi. Questo testo e' mio, per favore non usarlo senza permesso/This is my joke, don't use it or reproduce it without permission:

German version will follow:
please be informed that it has been decided that with immediate effect, all permanent employee and external consultant, will have to pay a contribution towards the use of facilities: desk, phone, and toilets.
This contribution will be denominated: "rent" , it will have to be paid in cash, in small notes , and will be cashed by locally appointed collectors, denominated "my friend!". No receipt will be available.
How to recognize your locally appointed collector, or "my friend!":
it will be a guy with a black suit, mirror shades and a darkish skin (but not too dark) who will show up at your desk looking like he really doesn't want to speak with you. Please pay promptly placing the amount in a white envelope.

We thank you for your cooperation.
Don Tano

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