Monday, 8 October 2007


addio seacon tower.

the silent flow of the river, watching the fast pace life of london from a safe distance, hearing only remotely the noise of the city, the sirens, the cries, the choppers, the planes..

paoloconte plays in the background "alle prese con una verde milonga", while I watch this view for the last time. The city in the distance, the Gherkin, and further away the london eye, more landmarks seen not so well, because we are still only at a low floor, yet this view is breathtaking, and yet relaxing.

Guy Fawkes drinking hot chocolate and watching the city in fire, the disorganized mat of fireworks, out of sync, poor small things.

Sometimes to watch the fireworks at Southbank from the warm inside, no people around, no noise, no bad odors.

This shell, this slice of heaven has been my safety in this crazy metropolis, which here in front of me, extends forever, the mouth of an immense monster eating people by the millions.

Somehow I am leaving all of this, to my very astonishment, I have , like in the worst of nightmares, seen myself give notice and sign the lease for anohter flat which is like the opposite of this one. I am exchanging new for old , top spec for ikea, dishwasher for no dishwasher, security for no security, safe for unsafe, views for no views, silence for noise.
what the f* is wrong with me? What am I doing? Starting from pest in the kitchen, the new flat has already been , in less than a month, one of the massive fiascos in my life.
How will I cope with this mistake.. 7 months go go.. it's too hard already..

now we are inside that noise, right in the middle of it..