Thursday, 16 November 2006

e.s.t 16 Nov 2006 Barbican live

e.s.t play a sold out concert at the barbican. I first saw them back in 2000 or 2001 at the north sea jazz festival in Den Haag. That was a great concert, first of all because I didn't know them at all, and I found their cold nordic keith jarrett styled jazz great in the mondrian zaal, plus i had a nice seat.
i was surprised that they would do a sold out like this at the barbican, i didn't know they were so popular, but I discovered that they are more than popular: some people had a rock-like adoration of this band and of their music.
this time I was less enthusiastic of the music of e.s.t. and of the live polished performance. it sounded too much keith jarrett.
but it still was a great concert.. despite the attempts of Polar Bear , the support band , to spoil my evening. this dude in the band, he play a .. apple powerbook g4 15"...
and he can be quite annoying. the music and the band are ok,nothing special but acceptable, but the computer guy is a nuisance.. it's like he could play no instrument, so he had to mess with his laptop? as much as I love computer and computing, when iI go to a jazz concert I'd rather listen to good old music, playing by hand on acustic or electric instruments.
of course I have nothing against a creative use of computers in music, but not just to make noise!

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