Saturday, 9 February 2008

this message was posted from my new MBP

in the end i opened my new macbook pro and I enjoying it. I don't care if apple will bring out new machines soon, I am glad i have a new machine for myself. it's brilliant. i'll have a review soon.

Random London Walk nr. 5

now posted a new dedicated blog:
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Friday, 1 February 2008

all macbook pro'ed up and nowhere to go!

i have a brand new mac book pro that was delivered on tue evening, it's a 15.4", top cpu, top ram, top HD, and I can't decide if I should open it or send it back since the cyberspace is full of all this "noise" about a possible update coming any day, although some other people say it's going to be mid march, april, before the summer, after the summer ... AAARGH!
what should I do?