Friday, 14 March 2008

Johannespassion (Passio Secundum Johannem, BWV 245) or St. John's Passion, the Barbican

a long silence marked the death of christ, at the end of the Aria Dein Jesus ist tot. a sign of respect of the director to those of christian's fate? hard to say. it's kind of eerie when the entire barbican auditorium, nearly at full capacity, remains silent for 30 seconds or perhaps even 60.
a second eerie silence marked the end of the concert: silence of people, of music but also frozen musicians, with their instruments as they were when they played the last note.
until, 60 long seconds later, the first violin (who later would travel on our same circle line train to farringdon) finally moved to a rest position.
then a flood of applause exploded and lasted for a very long time, the longest i have ever witnessed at the barbican (why? because of the britishness of the cast?).
Anyway it was a great performance, and it was great to be there.

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