Friday, 14 March 2008

yes i was in the army (beware, strong language)

"did you and X go to the army?" she asks.

yes we both were in the army. X went far away, xxxxxxxxx i think, but perhaps he did stuff for computer people.
i stayed closer to xxxxxxx (xxxxxx, xxxxxxx , xxxxxxx), but xxxxxxxx was like a fucking nightmare, i got robbed, pointed a knife at, insulted constantly, harassed every day and night, and i got to the point where I pointed a loaded shotgun to a stupid lieutenant while doing a week shift watch to a bunch of abandoned equipment.
after that i lost it completely and i started behaving erratically, and i am talking pre full metal jacket, and i wasn't obese.
i started cleaning the shotgun, talking to it, pointing it to people, i started going around unlock and loaded, i refused to give the shotgun back.
thing is, we were in total mayhem, the officers were missing, so a gang of motherfuckers was taking advantage of us rookies.
my mum worried she spoke with someone who knew someone else, and this someone finally got to the commander of my barrack, a colonel.
now this guy was a serious psycho, he liked to dine with these 2 guys, one a train driver, the other a total madman smoking a pipe,
and they used to talk of serious stuff, but because they were uneducated and crazy, they made up stuff.
the colonel thought he was garibaldi or that he had to save the country from the commies (they knew i was a member of the communist party - i was at the times), so basically it was then that the fun started.
this guy called me and shouted at me for 30 min solid. he insulted me like a spineless commie who ran to mum because the life of a soldier was too much for a fucking faggot.
so as i had just dismounted the truck from the week shift, i had time to get a clean change of clothes and i went back to the week shift.
that was prison dude, we had no phone, no way to communicate with the outside world for a fucking week. my parents freaked out. i freaked out too, i was in a state of semi unconsciousness, we were only allowed to sleep if our break from watch was in the night, 4 hours shifts followed by 2 hours break for a week.
this place was so big that the change of guard was done with a truck driving around the perimeter for almost 45 min. the driver was another crazy motherfucker and i don't know why we didn't die at his hand. every so by the time you were back it was nearly time to go back, climb the stairs of your little tower and be left alone in the middle of fucking nowhere, day and night, guarding a semi abandoned factory of weapons.
sleeping most of the time, couldn't get high, people there were horrible.

then i was transferred to xxxxxx, this was because they had to let me go by law, a long story. the bastard commander tried all ways to stop me, they sent this lieutenant, member of the fascist groups, he had tattoos all over his body but one in particular on the back of his hand. his father would later make the news when he was caught in a coup attempt while chief of the military secret service, but this kid, he was an albino, he was nothing, so he attacked me and he threw at me a desk (no really, nonetheless than a office desk with all the stuff on top of it), and i dodged it but I couldn't touch him, cos that would mean prison, so I just kept telling him he was a dirty fascist bastard or stuff like that and that I was a communist and this stuff was enough because no one there would dare declare being a communist or even vaguely leftish; we had to sing fascist songs everyday even if it's against the goddam fucking law!

last thing I remember in xxxxxxx is my captain giving me a farewell speech and quoting his greatest hero, this african dictator whose name i can't remember, who was allegedly found keeping human flesh in his cellars.
the quote was about all of us being equal regardless of colour, religion or political inclination, and as I was listening to this nonsense, i was wondering if the translator had gotten it wrong and the african dictator had actually meant that we all "taste" the same , regardless of religion and skin color.

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qotfw said...

Sounds pretty harsh compared to the u.s. military experience. I've never heard any of my friends in the u.s military complain of the sort of abuse you received. Sounds more like the Turkish army.